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Hello, and How are You?

Thanks for ” BeadandButton” magazine for its April issue 2010. In which it published my tso-stitch.

Especially, thanks to Miss Anne Elizabeth Draeger, because she designed such a lovely bracelet by using my tso-stitch as demonstrated in that issue.

Due to personal and business reasons, I have been very occupied in these last few years.

I wish to also thank all of you who have been checking out this Blog of mine every now and then.

Sorry for not having any updated works posted here!

If you have any questions regarding tso-stitch, you can either review Bead&Button magazine, April issue 2010, or, just drop me a line, or send me pictures of any work that you finished with my tso-stitch. I’ll be happy to answer your questions or help you in any way I may be able assist you.